Ready to wear

Thom Sweeney Ready to Wear Collection

Wardrobe ready

Our ready-to-wear collection provides the same distinctive cut, design and quality as our bespoke and made-to-measure, with the addition of off-the-peg convenience. From ties to casual trousers, every item in your wardrobe can carry the Thom Sweeney hallmark.

Thom Sweeney is a tailoring house, not a fashion one. Nevertheless, our bespoke and made-to-measure clients repeatedly petitioned us for pieces to complement their suits and blazers. Thus ready-to-wear felt like a natural progression rather than a departure.

Our off-the-peg offering expands our horizons beyond tailoring, spanning everything from casual shirts to knitwear, chinos, accessories and outerwear, in versatile colours that make dressing effortless. You can now wear Thom Sweeney from Monday to Sunday.

Changing clothes

The collection updates twice a year, as is the fashion industry’s custom. But our garments are designed along classical principles, to last far beyond one season. Take them out of your wardrobe in five or even ten years’ time and they’ll look just as “current” as they do now.

The cut of our ready-to-wear tailoring is distinctively Thom Sweeney, with a high armhole, natural (occasionally roped) shoulder, nipped-in waist and slim sleeves. The lapel is neither too narrow, nor too wide, but “just right”. 

Thom Sweeney’s ready-to-wear collection is variously produced in the finest workshops across England, Scotland and Italy. This way, it meets the standards that our bespoke and made-to-measure clients have rightly come to expect.